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>> we start with another day of violence in egypt. security forces clashed with protesters. the dead and wounded were taken after the muslim brotherhood called for a day of rage. a day after the ousted islamist president. dosh rare wrapped up in cairo. they call a friday of anger. out in the thousands, they chanted that they'll elected a
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president and they brought in a puppet on a tank. the muslim brotherhood are enraged by wednesday's fruitful military crackdown that left over 600 people dead. this friday, they are defiantly back out on the street. how much they push against us or kill, we will continue until the end. >> there is a heavy military presence across the capital with tanks filling the streets. the army has sealed off to rear square -- tahrir square. the symbolic protests brought down mubarak in 2011. a tough stance on any violation of the law. heard.ave already been
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they broadcast these images. the death toll across egypt .ontinues to rise >> thanks for joining us. you were at the center of the city with the curfew in place. seems to be pretty much quiet across the city. square, the the gunfire has stopped and continues until early in the evening. there are buildings that have been set on fire. several buildings, large flames engulfed.
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.hey are going to be strict those that are there probably have special permissions. there are a couple of convoys with military vehicles flying in the sky. >> as you witness the protests earlier on the day, things have generated pretty quickly. >> the largest demonstration , where people lost their lives today. a pretty quick escalation towards fierce clashes between the demonstrators and pro-army anti-morsi demonstrators.
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second was the security forces himself. were given theey authorization yesterday to put the fire on violent demonstrations. people were throwing stones, rubble, and ripping up the pavement to get a hold of material. they were tearing down road rails and the like. we definitely did not see anybody in the crowd. we did see people from the of the police station. they were shot in the square as we left. it is not what we saw today as the largest demonstration.
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>> calling for a further week of protests? >> that is right, they seem extremely determined. does not show any signs of abating. in spite of the international pressure and the fact that the military said they lost members of the security forces across , it is matched by demonstrators themselves. they started chanting with our blood, with our soul, we sacrifice for islam. if they carry on these we are likely to
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andfurther confrontations more loss of life. toll at 602death days after they cleared out the below they said it is far the figure. in an effort to downplay the extent of the carnage. >> the dead are still lined up with ice blocks. out. official has to come fax obvious weakness is. weaknesses.s
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they accuse authorities are trying to cover-up up the true scale of the violence. a reportant to give us saying they died by suicide or natural causes. i may as well have done the paperwork at home and paid a bribe so that i could bury them. >> [inaudible] he was shot in the chest. >> they back up the allegations. lists aal certificate bullet wound to the head as the cause of death. though it is illegal, the dead man was buried. his death won't be added to the official statistics. on theesters have been
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streets in several countries to hoist their solidarity for the pro-morsi demonstrators. takeey defy the curfew to to the streets on friday and were joined by shows of solidarity worldwide. after friday prayers, they gathered outside istanbul. a thousand protesters marched to theymerican embassy as publicly condemn the crackdown on islamists. in yemen, thousands took to the streets to show their support
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for mohamed morsi. i say it is a betrayal of the arab spring. -- they say it is a betrayal of the arab spring. >> the protesters were peaceful. the egyptian army has lost its military honor. >> the accusations are the same. >> they burned the people because they were calling for their freedom and their legitimacy. >> support remains strong. many moresking how have to die to have democracy reinstated. >> condemnation of the level of violence used coming from
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various countries. the citizens living abroad joins me on the line now. simply, your reaction to what is going on in egypt and how you think the french react? nt should >> we believe in diplomacy. we need to have a very strong message coming from the eu. that is what they are working towards at the moment. i believe there are quite a lot of phone calls being exchanged fran├žoiseent between to bring therying eu partners into what we need to to be able to put pressure on
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those parties in egypt so it might go back to a dialogue. >> what is your advice for those thinking of traveling? >> we want them to defer or .ancel their trip they are advised to stay at home and avoid the city centers, the various places where people are at the moment. the egypt forrom now, has below chief says he is ready to fight -- hezbollah chief says he is ready to fight
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in syria. the primary reason for closing up to israel. >> he lost his life in thursday's brutal car bomb attack. bastion of military shiite groups, hezbollah. lebanon declares a national day of mourning on friday. >> i want to say conclusively that radical islamists are responsible for yesterday's explosion. have, itators that we is most likely. group has islamist
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claimed responsibility for the attack, a claim pending verification. they say they are targeting has below and promised more attacks. hezbollah and are promising more attacks. that there could be worse to come. have peace talks between israeli and palestinians. israel's top negotiator says they want to seek alliances with the arab world's moderates. it is too early to say if anything had been a comp list.
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let's take a listen. >> it risks undermining the negotiations. the need to sustain an environment for the peace process to move forward, people need to see improvements underground, including economic progress. >> colleagues and family members shot dead by police. they are responsible for the death which came over a strike over pay and conditions. he said he is truly sorry for what happened.
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>> struggling songs and holding prayers. on this hill in august 16, 2012, south africans gunned down striking fighters. it came to a head when miners were mowed down by a barrage of live ammunition. the workers had been demanding the wage increase of up to 22% and amounted to a monthly salary of 1250 u.s. dollars. that my colleagues died, others were young man. >> mining still suffers from
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worker poverty, pay disputes, shrinking profits, and a violent union feud. the militant upstart, abandoning the mine workers. he was perceived to protect the interest of management and not the laborers. after an increasingly violent struggle between the two unions, it has left a trail of bodies in its wake. the latest victim, a local leader gunned down in front of the house on monday. from paris, a curfew after another bloody day filled with the dead and wounded.
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remembering americana. >> these companies say that they won't stop until mid-september.
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but just like the rest of the economy, it has been under pressure after the 2011 revolution. there are warnings that the entire economy will come to a halt. >> the worst crisis in decades, it the already beleaguered economy is said to be the biggest casualty. revenues cover only half of expenditure. early july, egypt received $12 billion in aid from saudi arabia, the united arab emirates, but that is only a stopgap. egypt needs the imf's help. would be the government possibility to push reforms.
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the stakeholders have to approve it. >> they will not open negotiations until they get international recognition. for others, it can't come soon enough. >> the current economic situation is on the brink. there are a lot of factories, shops, and traders hit hard. and they still can't get back up and running. it is much higher. >> take a look at the stock market. >> the dow jones industrial average went in and out of territory, positive territory on friday.
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with the nasdaq and the s&p 500. over the week, the indices had their worst week this year on nervousness that the federal .eserve posing in positive territory with offbeat eta helping out the markets. eurozone exports picking up for the first time in three months. let's look at stories out there. shares among the winners in friday, up 10%. they raised the full-year -- forecast.cast showing signs of stabilizing during july on the same month in 2012 according to a german industry body. the biggest fuel hopes the
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market has bottomed out. the finance minister of india says that, return to the markets. hit a record low against the u.s. dollar. foreign capital could flow back to the u.s. as the american economy improves. there are fears that measures taken to prop up won't be spain's richest woman has died. the housed seven percent of parent company. 6.1as been estimated at billion dollars by fortune magazine. with her dead husband, she died
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after a stroke at 69 years old. >> time now for media watch. james creedon and his trusty laptop means it is time for media watch. >> a lot of stuff you see these days you can't really show on television. it is very graphic. but the stuff that we can show even though it is a little bit macabre, it is not a fatal jump but certainly you are risking hurting yourself. this is another image. these are pictures of people shooting on that same bridge.
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that is one of the flashpoint in cairo today. ,nother interesting screenshot i think it is from screen television. those that support the muslim brotherhood are being termed terrorists. another picture that is quite striking is this gentleman here writing his name and number of the family member on his arm. he is concerned about not being identifiable. sooner or later, i will die. a lot of turmoil coming through from people out on the streets. this picture taken yesterday on the beach, 200 and 50 kilometers -- 250e libyan border
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kilometers from the libyan border. turton -- certain turn towards unrest. french defense lawyer had pretty powerful clients. >> the butcher of leon, a famous cklaus by the name of barbie. he always went for the underdog or the bad guy. everyone has a right to defend himself. he says he defends the terrorist, not the terror act. he is a pretty strong anti- colonialist. page inthe front -- hea where the news
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died in the bedroom of old hair -- voltaire. went out with a certain degree of notoriety. for eight years. another aspect of his life and career that is a mystery. it is thought you might have spent that time in cambodia. , what i bea look prepared to defend him? even george w. bush. from june of 2011. [speaking french]
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>> a colorful character trying to pass off one animal as another? >> that is not a lien. -- lion. hold on a minute. the zoo has since shot down.
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maybe not, and. >> more news coming up very shortly. of course, the latest from egypt. curfew inwith a
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08/16/13 08/16/13 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] >> from pacifica, this is democracy now! >> if you look at the reports, even the disclosures that mr. snowden has put forward, all of the stories that have been written, what you're not reading about is the government actually abusing these programs. and listening in on people's phone calls or inappropriately reading people's e-mails. >> days after president obama

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